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Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It is after all the first cranial nerve and how primitive animals found their food as well as their foes.

Magie Noir is made by Lancomme. Not all stores carry it and I don't think I've ever found it on board but shoreside shops usually have it, especially in St. Maarten. Dillards has it at home. It's just such a great scent and I just keep coming back to it, but then maybe it's the spell cast by the name.

I have been trying to remember the name of a scent a neighbor used to wear. it was made by Estee Lauder I think and was sorta the evil twin of Youth Dew - if you can imagine! Overpoweringly strong and floral. Anybody remember?

I don't remember the silver lining to the Ambush or Tabu bottles. Boo.
And remember the guys' Jade East?

Fern, I think it's great that you still have your mom's perfume. I'm sure you can sniff it and close your eyes and have wonderful memories. My mother is very allergic to scented things and hasn't worn perfume in years now, but I still remember a scent she used to wear. She's 83 now and has no idea what she used to wear but I can still remember that stark label and the rectangular bottle. I used to climb up in the bathroom closet and sit there sniffing from the bottle.
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