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Ok, I am going on my first cruise onthe Island Princeess in June, to Alaska. My BF and i have no interest in Formal night, but since the last formal night will most likely fall on my birthday, I think it would be nice to have a special dinner. We have registered for Anytime Dining.

I have been told by many people, that you will see people dressed a business casual, or dresy blouses, etc. -- and are never turned away.

What is your take on this? I have 2 nice outfits that would be considered dressy in a business envirmonment. What was your observation of how people were dressed on formal night - especially on Princess.

Dont tell me i am crazy - we are just not interested in dressing up. Anyone care to comment??

Princess does offer alternatives for those who don't want to dress up -- the buffet dinner on the Horizon Cour or, if you eat very late, you can have a full dinner with full table service at the Horizon Court's bistro. I understand that Princess now has "Movies Under the Stars" in the main pool area.

That said, Princess's stated policy is that the prescribed evening attire applies "throughout the ship" except in designated casual areas -- which basically are the Horizon Court and the pool area -- and the "formal" evenings are the evenings when they break out the best of the best. IOW, you'll miss out on the best menus in the dining room, the special events like the Captain's "Welcome Aboard" Cocktail Party (when all beverages are compliemtnary), the shows, and the champagne waterfall on the last formal evening. When I say the best menus, I really do mean it -- the selections on the last formal evening, for example, generally include lobster tails, roast pheasant, and beef wellington. Your choice.

In my experience (which admittedly was over three years ago), Princess's enforcement of dress standards was very inconsistent -- some ships did and others did not. If you don't conform to the prescribed dress, there is a very clear risk that the Maitre d' or head waiter will turn you away when you arrive at the door of the dining room. If you conform to the dress guidelines, you won't have a problem.

If you and your significant other really despise the notoin of dressing up, you would do well to check out (1) Oceana Cruises ("resort casual" every eveing), (2) Dinsey Cruises (also "resort casual" every evening), (3) Norwegian Cruise Line ("formal optional" evenings rather than "formal" evenings), and (4) Windjammer Barefoot Cruises (ultra-casual; you can go to dinner in shorts and a T shirt). Any of these lines probably would be a better match.

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