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My mom still has stome L'air du temps on her dresser. She hasn't worn it in years but she likes the bottle. Hers has two pretty little birds on it.
I still have an old bottle of Charley in my make up drawer. Once in a while I break it out, spritz some on and remenisce (sp).
Yep, windsong had a great slogon.
One of the others was Arpege. I was having a discussion some time back similar to this whole thread with a lady and said I wore Arpege on occasion. She smiled and said "promise her anything, but give her Arpege" . That hasn't aired since go-go boots were the rage but it's still stuck in our minds. Talk about great marketing. Wonder what our kids will remember.

As well as tahe scents I remember how pretty some of the bottles were. Especially Avon. My grandmother was really into avon and always had the latest bottles on her dressing table. I remember her Topaz was tall, tapering and had a big old topaz on the top. I thought it was faaabulous at the critical age of about 7. There was another one that was kind of heart shaped and blue with a frilly cap. I think if was Here's My Heart.
I think i kinda liked that one but the topaz was a bit spicy or something for me at that age.

OF course you always had to "sample" these things while your mom was out hanging clothes on the line and you could never understand how she knew!
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