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I would like to see the current dress code enforced...

But having said that...I might also mention that not all cruise lines draw the same types of passengers. Each cruise line offers their passengers a somewhat different cruise expectation.

Carnival: Family Fun, Singles Fun, young couples Fun. We get the idea: Casual Fun

RCCI: Families, Young business types, newly married. Fun, GAP casual

Celebrity: Upscale, smart casual, semi-formal

HAL: Upscale, smart casual, veteran cruisers...formal

And so on.....

Perhaps RCCI and Carnival passengers are more comfortble in casual wear for dining, and they would appreciate the relaxed dress code.

But on cruise lines like Celebrity and HAL the current dress code should be enforced.

I would hate to see all cruise lines change to a casual dress code for dining. At least Celebrity and HAL should hold the line.
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