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Help! I can't decide which dining option to choose. We're cruising on the Sapphire next summer and need to go ahead and choose our dining. We'll be a family of 6. We tend to eat early, but don't want to be rushed to make a 6pm seating. On the other hand 8:30pm seems awfully late. We're from the east coast so I don't know if the time difference will come into play at all. Personal choice sounds good but I really like having familiar wait staff. Sooooo, what is everyone's opinion?

The shows are timed to mesh with the seatings of traditional dining. Thus, the"Anytime Dining" is more of an advertising gimmick ("eat when you want") than real flexibility since you'll have to eat within a few minutes of the same times anyway if you want to see the shows.

Between the two seatings of traditional dining, I prefer the second seating because it does give me time at the end of the day to shower and get ready for the evening. Princess does a great job with afternoon tea in one of the dining rooms, and it's enough of a snack to keep stomachs from growling before dinner at the late seating. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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