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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
The shows are timed to mesh with the seatings of traditional dining. Thus, the"Anytime Dining" is more of an advertising gimmick ("eat when you want") than real flexibility since you'll have to eat within a few minutes of the same times anyway if you want to see the shows.

I don't really see it as an advertising gimmick. We never saw one show on our seven-day Grand Princess cruise in November. We also never went to the casino. To me, that's one of the great things about a cruise -- there's something for everyone.

We did eat late every night because we agreed to meet my family for dinner at the same time. On our next cruise, we're doing anytime dining. If we eat at the exact minute every night, it will be because that's what we want to do that day and not because we agreed to it months in advance. For us, that is ideal.
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