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It seems that almost everyone is in agreement about one thing and that is if there is going to be a dress requirement, whatever it may be, then the cruiselines should have the testicles to enforce it.
If they say long pants and button down shirt for every night of the cruise--- fine. But don't start allowing some folks to show up in flipflops, a tanktop and a bandana around their head. If there is a requirement that you have to be naked in the dining room, fine--- but don't start allowing someone to show up in a tuxedo.

Loud and clear to the cruiselines--- arrive at whatever you want to arrive at as far as dress for the dining room but then stand behind what you do.
Does anyone from the cruiselines really read these boards and if so, I challenge someone from any cruiseline to have the backbone to state why you have a dress code and not have the backbone to respect the majority of your customers wishes and enfoce same. WELL----- we are waiting---- Carnival, RCCL, Celebrity, Princess--- anyone with the stuff to step up to the plate with an answer ??
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