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Good Morning, Everyone!
Thank you, Mehawk for the great beginning of a special day We have 3 mothers we honor in our family; my mother, Trevor's mother, and my step-mother (who will be married to my father 50 years in Sept!)

It's about 63-65 here in Avon Park, FL, depending on whether you are in the sun. The sun IS shining and hardly a breeze at this time.

Trevor just got up and is getting ready for church so I won't be too far behind. He is setting a record for attendance, so I know he likes this new church and new Pastor. This is an instance where "change is good".

We'll spend a lazy day here. It will be a regular Sunday for us, unless I get some calls from my sons. I was talking via email to one last night as well as "chatting" with the other one later via IM so I've heard from them.
Trevor and I will be making calls to our mothers, I'm sure.

So, have a terrific day. Cherish your memories and try to build some good new ones!!!

Ruby Princess
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