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While I have been on a number of cruises - including on on the Carnival Pride in 2002 to the Mexican Riviera - most of my cruises have been either solo or with a friend. And now I am booked on the Halloween cruise in Oct. My first on a "singles" cruise. I don't know what to expect. A few questions:
1. I ahve got a singles rate but do VTG find a cabinmate or doo I get the cabin all to myself?
2. What age groups go on these "singles" cruises? Do they range from the 20s to the 60s or are they concentrated in a particulat age group?
3. Is a costume absolutely essential? The weirder the better? Or just a little off-beat?
4. Anybody going from California or Nevada?
5. How many singles generally go on these cruises? Surely not enough to fill the ship's capacity? So, most will be the "regular" couples and families.

I intend to have a good time regardless. Still, there are the first-time jitters!

So. Any info on singles cruises will be appreciated.

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