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Default Re: Kelly Method

My cabin # still doesn't show up under the BookModify on the Carnival website, but I *did* find my cabin number using the Kelly method.

Here's how:
Go to the Carnival webpage and click "gifts". Pick at gift (doesn't matter which one, you aren't actually going to order it). At the bottom of the page it will ask for the booking # and the cabin #. Put in your booking # and start putting in cabin #'s. The error message when you get a cabin that isn't your is: "Invalid booking or stateroom #".

When you finally get to the cabin Carnival has assigned you, you'll either get a message that says "You must call the 800 number to order a gift for a GTY room" or your name and names of all the folks in your cabin will pop up!

I found mine last week and I'm sailing 9/11/04. Warning - it took a couple of hours and is quite tedious. First I checked at the cat. 6 rooms (I booked a 6A gty) then moved on to the cat. 8's. Luckily, for now at least, I have a balcony, but of course that can change at anytime.

Good luck!


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