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Jerry H
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Default Re: Cat. 5A Obstructed/French door cabins on Spiri

We are on the April 27th sailing of CCL Pride and ask similar questions (of CCL Spirit) in August. This is the best response that I got.....

.......Was on the Spirit transcanal cruise last April. Had friends in a 5A but did not visit their cabin, however, they told me the view was very obstructed.. they were so happy when a crew boat drill took place, they lowered the life boats and they were able to have a great view at that time.. but it did not last long! I think I remember them saying they were able to open the french doors. As for the mini refrigerators, all staterooms have one; I was in an inside/Verandah deck and had one.. as well as bathrobes!


Have fun,

Jerry H.
Charleston, SC
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