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Well, currently I'm on a dirty vodka martini. I'm not one to necessarily collect fru-fru drink glasses (we've sorta got our fill after all these years) but they've got some great looking martini glasses now. Got a cool blue one on the Grand Princess in April and a waaaay cool one on AOS last year. It was kinda' like a bowl with blue and green swirls.

We have a tradition prior to sailing. The night before the sailing I come home kick off my shoes to show that "hey my toenails are painted - I'm officially on vacation" and then DH and I mix up a batch of somethin' (usually his favorite - whiskey sours) and pour them into our collected glasses. Then we get out our brochure and study the ship's deck plan and dream!

But back to drinks - I think one of the sassiest lookin' drinks is a beautiful red cosmopolitan with a lemon twist served up in a stately martini glass.
I hate to admit I started drinking them a few years back simply cause they looked so good!
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