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Default norovirus on ryndam

Just got back from a wonderful Alaskan cruise on the Ryndam (May 14-21), but the norovirus broke out on the first day. It actually started before we boarded (hand sanitizers dispensed as soon as we boarded). when we arrived in our cabins a letter stating the norovirus had broken out on "other cruise lines, but not HAL" , so please don't shake hands. The next day salt & pepper shakers were removed from tables and dispensers were put throughout the ship. Soon rumors had spread that people were getting sick and quarantined and sent to A deck for the duration of illness. then mask and gloves were wore by staff abd crew also, no self serving was allowed at the buffet. finally on thursady the captain announced the norovirus was on the ship. We washed our hands so much they started to crack. Luckily since we were on the navigation deck we were not affected. I wish they had been more honest from the start, we had learned the norovirus was on the prior cruise before us and the ship had not been dry docked for sanitation. The worst of it was that ship was continuing on for another cruise. Not only did several of the passengers came down ill, but they were so short staffed, they actually had flown new crew in from Bulgaria who boarded at Skagway (36 hour flight). If you are going on the Ryndam soon, please bring hand sanitizer ( and I mean alot) and please wash your hands before everything. Try not use the elevator and if you must, use your elbows or if you use the stairs try not using the handrail (dangerous I know). Most importantly please know the staff was more than accomodating and helpful, and it was the best vacation ever: though I admit I liked the Zaandam better. Just be conscious of what you are doing, maybe avoid the lido deck too. All in all, a great time, but I am left with one disturbing image, as we prepared to board our shuttle bus, there was a mother in total distress screaming " my son was taken into quarantine and I they won't tell me where he is". Not cool
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