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We just returned from a wonderful long cruise on the Statendam from Hong Kong to Vancouver. Mike was on the first leg of our cruise on an earlier cycle. Anyway, long story short, there was on outbreak of Noro on the cruise just before ours and it continued when we boarded in Hong Kong. We took super precautions and the ship was "code-red" as Mike has described. Still, my wife got it two days out and we were quarantined for a total of about 36 hours ( 24 hours after her last symptoms. the medical staff, room service and our steward couldn't have been nicer. Unfortunately we missed Shanghai because of it, but at least we had a verandah so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I will correct Mike on one point. They gave us each 240 dollars credit for the inconvenience. It is a self limiting thing and once you have it you are immune from that strain of the virus, although like the common cold it has many strains. It certainly did not ruin our cruise. We did not miss the Great Wall or any of the other major things we wanted to see in China or Japan. On the second leg of the cruise, the disease was gone and they lifted code red, although everyone continued to use the hand sanitizers regularly (except for a few idiots).

Aside, when my wife got it, I tried to get it from her, so we wouldn't have to be quarantined twice. I never succeeded in getting it! In total there were more than 300 guests and crew sick, and an equal number on the cruise immediately preceding ours from Osaka to Hong Kong.

Overall, this is a major problem for all cruise lines and they need to find ways to deal with it better. We've been on about 14 cruises now and this is the first time we've ever seen it, but it seems to be getting far more frequent, despite better sanitation and awareness.
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