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Ahhh....the pushy people syndrome. We all see them every time we go on ship because they do not meet your level of courtesy or action.....and given that they will always stand out from the crowd and always appear to be in your face.

It's all about two things: self centered bullies and how others react to them. So....

I don’t like you and your attitude, so I will remember your face out of all these people I am sailing with
You do things different from me, but I will not say something at the time to avoid personal confrontation….but I will moan later

My thought is, say it either in the buffet or tender Q in a nice way but forceful enough if they have stepped over the mark of acceptance regarding others.

Better said at the time as they may see ignoring it as an acceptance of how they are going to be for this cruise and towards everyone else. So target early… as they are chilled as peope in this is how we are going to be, not caring that others are seeing their blood pressure rise by holding the frustration in regarding them.

Tell these people, that this is not acceptable and make them embarrassed by their self centered actions. They in their own way are bullies with no respect for you or others.... so say it at the time or they will think they can always act and react in this way towards others.

This is not just a cruise thing, I see it everyday even in the supermarket.

Going through checkout and suddenly over my shoulder appears “a voice? and “ a presence? that suddenly thinks it can question the cashier on whatever problem they seem to have, ignoring the needs or give respect to those in front of them. That’s IGNORANCE

The Q stops, everyone is looking embarrassed. But the David B says. “Excuse me, I’ve already been ten minutes in this Q, this may be important to you, but not that important that I cant finish my shopping, could you please go to the back of the Q. I would appreciate it?.

You know what they do, like lambs they go silent and slope off usually with a look in my direction and a smile from all those around me. I can take that. Sometimes you have to tell people that they are out of order and what they they doing is not acceptable.
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