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Default Silversea.


This thread is old, I know. But I read it, because we booked Silversea, the Silver Cloud, Stockholm to London, 09/13/06. I truly appreciate your devotion to Silversea, as you are one of those in charge of this board. We have not cruised Silversea before, but we do have a long history with RSSC (Radisson/Regent). Also, we had cruised several of the "mass market" lines (both exisiting and now defunct) before moving to RSSC. Now (as I explained to my wife) we are moving up a notch further -- and I hope you will agree.

I enjoyed your posts above, explaining how a Silversea cruise differed from a short cruise to the Bahamas on Carnival!

Bottom line is that I hope you are correct in your evaluation of Silversea, as I have convinced my wife that we are booked on the "Rolls Royce" of cruise lines. As in "not to worry, dear, it will be taken care of".

I've been a "member" of several cruise boards for about five years, including this one. Although lately, I've been more into listening and learning than commenting.

I am inspired by your comments concerning "customizing" one's own cruise on Silversea, in terms of excursions and such. And, bottom line, I would be interested in any comments you might have on the Silversea exerience.

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