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Default Once Again the Media Is Making the News

It is interesting that a suicide on a Carnival Ship is nationwide news. There are thousands of suicides every year, and most of them never make headlines.

Even more interesting is the fact that AOL presented this story with a poll. It asked the readers if incidents such as this would preclude them from considering a cruise. Almost 50% of over one hundred thousand who voted answered in the affirmative.

Once again, people are reacting irrationally to the news. Carnival alone has over 3 million passengers a year. The rest of the cruise industry has millions more every year. There are going to be a few suicides, heart attacks, rapes, murders, and everything esle that happens in normal life. It is just magnified by a 24 hour media that has to produce news when none is available.

Case in point - the "dreaded" Norwalk virus. Again and again, when an outbreak hits a cruise ship, it is plasted all over the media. I know of people who refuse to take a cruise because of their fear of the Norwalk virus. Anyone doing casual research about this ailment will discover that it is very common, and the percentage of land lubbers who catch the Norwalk virus is actually higher than the percentage of those who take cruises. There have been three deaths from the Norwalk virus in one town in my state of Washington this year. How many of you have heard about it? Not many I would guess. There have been no deaths to Norwalk on any cruise as far as I know.

The only good thing about all of this is that less people will cruise, creating less of a demand and as a result prices will remain soft. Thank you all you irrational people out there who help me obtain my latest bargain for my next cruise
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