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Fern, is this true on all cruise lines? We recently cruised on HAL, first time since they changed their tipping policy (which I personally did not like). We left the tip charge on the shipboard account but our cabin steward was so good we HAD to give him a generous extra tip. Did he not get to keep that? We also (and I know this is crazy) tipped our favorite photographer. She was so nice to us and went out of her way to get really good shots. Of course we bought a lot of photos but her attitude was so gracious, we just had to express our thanks in a tangible manner. Did she also have to turn in her tip? We also tipped both times we ate in the Pinnacle grill and every time we had room service. Did we go overboard and was it all for naught? I guess I enjoy the old fashioned way of personally letting someone know I appreciate their kindness. I won't take the scheduled tip off the bill but it really seems more like a service charge as we end up tippping for good service anyway. Just my opinion.
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