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This might sound crazy, but we just returned from Sitka and we actually rented a car and drove from one end to the other. There are only two main roads and neither goes very far but it was very interesting. Near the end of Halibut point road, there is a beautiful forest servcie campground. It has an artesian well and a wonderful boardwalk trail. There is a fish overlook (no fish were there in May!) and a beautiful clear stream. There is also a day use area. We spent a lot of time just driving through and walking some on the trails, taking lots of photos. We also did a little touring just in residential streets. We like to see what the area is really like, not just the touristy stuff. We had lunch at a local burger place that had only four tables but GREAT burgers, not a tourist attraction. Many places to walk to in Sitka if you are able. The Russian American Trading Company is worth visiting even if you don't buy anything. BEAUTIFUL Russian merchadise. They also have a city bus that is fairly inexpensive and can get you to most of the popular attractions. Our method of sightseeing is probably not for everyone, but it is an option.
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