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Great to see you back! I'm sorry that your wife became ill. Captain Regemorter did tell us that they had six people in quarantine on the second formal night and at the time of boarding in Hong Kong we too had to fill out the questionnaire. That was definitely a red flag. I'm glad you did get compensation for the quarantine, but the cruise line is not required to do so.

I did notice at the end of the cruise that no one shook hands on a one to one basis. Nino gave me an elbow rub and said that the crew was on "alert" but nothing had been made official.

It's rather humorous. I came home and four days after coming home I became ill with basically the same thing but I caught it from my own family.

BTW: Thanks for the email updates!!

One question: Do you think Dalian will become a major itinerary stop for future cruises?

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