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It seems like these "pushy people" are always around us in all the locations and activities we do. Why the do these things on vacations and cruises where everything should be relaxed is beyond me!

I will confront them whenever or wherever, they try to push me aside. At 6'2" and 200+ lbs not very many of them get by.

Why is it that people get right up in the aisle(s) in aircraft and tour buses. etc.? In the aircraft most stand there for a long time. Why not wait until the front starts moving at least.

In the tour buses, I usually throw my leg into the aisle and block passage of those behind me. When I stand, I take a step backwards and let my spouse get out as well. I've been known to step on some toes, on that step back.

Are people from large Eastern cities, perhaps the most pushy? Sometimes in IMHO they appear to be, or is it just all "big" city folk?

Another pet peeve of mine that I experienced on a recent cruise tour bus, was a women that was talking on her Cell phone while the tour guide was trying to tell us things! The Cell phone talker was talking so loud that she overpowered the tour guide. People to include myself told her to Shut up!

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