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Pushy people from Big Eastern Cities?
I grew up in one --> yes, it seems many people from those big, crowded cities (family still lives there) can be called pushy. Maybe because they are used to crowds waiting for buses, trains, taxis, etc.?
When I moved to the Midwest, I found people were so much more relaxed and not as pushy.
Still, I imagine it is universal, the urge to get ahead, to be first.
Ever go to Disney World? It's terrible there, the way people push or try to jump lines.

On cruise ships we are among the last to disembark, which is fine with us. I like to steal an extra hour or so out on deck, thinking back on the great week I've just spent!

If you watch the way people drive, it is all about being first. I was in an area where the speed limit is 55. I was doing 60 and people were passing me as if I were standing still. I increased my speed to 70 --> same thing.
I wondered if I were doing 90 mph, would someone blow by me just to get ahead?
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