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True-- A few days ago my son and I went to eat breakfast. As we entered the restaurant, he went to the men's room and I went to the hostess desk.
There was a gentleman standing there obviously waiting. There was a
" lady " behind me. The hostess came up after a few seconds and said something to the man who was waiting. He replied that he was waiting for his wife. The hostess then asked who was next, and as she said that the " lady " that had been behind me stepped to the side of me and said she was. I said excuse me, I was actually here before you but if it's that important to you, please go ahead. I don't think they will run out of eggs before I get to eat.
When the hostess took her to her seat, the man who was waiting was commenting about how rude people had become. When my son and I were seated, we were seated close to the " lady ". Imagine her surprise when my son looked over at her and called her by her first name and asked her how she was doing today ! My son is a dept. administrator in a large school system and this lady actually works for him. She looked like she wanted to crawl under the table. I explained to my son what had happened and we had a good laugh about it.

True--- about 2 hours ago, I was at a large retailers, returning an item. There was 2 people working the customer service desks and both were busy. There was one lady in front of me, and then me. As we stood waiting, a non-english speaking lady came up and stood next to the lady in front of me. When the next cust. serv. rep. was finished, she stepped right up to the desk. I said hold on just a moment--- this lady was next, then me. The line is at the rear. She pretended not to understand but I made it plain enough to her where she should be and she slunk to the back. The lady in front of me thanked me. I don'y know if she would have spoken up on her own or not.
I believe in standing up for what's right. I don't look for trouble nor try to start it . I usually will take a step back from it but will not back up 2 steps.

So, people who are pushy are pushy everywhere they go, not just on a plane or a cruiseship.
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