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Thanks, Paul.

This will be our first Silversea cruise, this September. It will be on the Silver Cloud, which is one of this lines' smaller ships. We have, however, cruised RSSC's Paul Gauguin several times, and did enjoy the "small ship" aspect of those cruises. The only negative about the Paul Guaguin (and it's hard to find one) is that most rooms are small, compared to those on Silversea and RSSC's other ships. Ours is a Baltic itinerary, and options on other lines (including RSSC) involved ships of 700 guests -- or more (sometimes MUCH more).

Some say that small ships lack the scale of entertainment offered by larger ships, and perhaps this is true. But, we don't cruise for the shows. If we want shows, we go to Vegas -- where we can go to the shows for a lot less money!

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