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This whole subject drives me crazy. If you will do your research, you will discover that you come in contact with this sort of thing all the time. We just call it different names in the rest of the world we live in.
"Oh, I am sorry I can't come into work today, no I will be fine, it must be a 24 hour virus." sound familiar?

The worse thing you can do to prevent this? Not hold on to the rails on the ship. Break bones when you fall on the ship, because the ship moved while you were walking. You end up getting the virus and can't hold on to the toilet, because your arm is also broken.

Keep your fingers out of your mouth. Wash your hands often.

I am sick of people always blaming the cruise lines. I actually read an article where the wife was blaming the cruise line, because her husband left her. She said that if the cruise line had not given her husband so much to drink, he would have never went to the stateroom of another for the night. Give me a break!!!

I work in a school, and things like this happen all the time. You can almost see it going from one room to the other. You pray that it doesn't happen to you.

Getting off my soap box now. Have to go to the bathroom.

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