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IF your cabins are the same which is possible heres your options:
- Generally higher priced cabins are on the upper decks as a result of their closeness to activities
- If you have an option of a higher deck versus a lower deck for the same price you may want to choose the higher deck as it will limit your distance to amenities. This comes in handy also during prime times when elevators are packed and the stairs are the only logical option.
- If you choose a higher deck however, you will feel the pitch and roll of the ship more. If you get seasickness you may choose this option still as Drammamine pills are commonly available at most any store nowadays, they are also avaliable for free from your cabin steward whom you'll meet the first day of your voyage. More than likely during your first hour onboard. In extreme cases the ships doctor can administer an injection which i have seen clear people up in time to enjoy their next meal! So if you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to send me an IM, Private message (PM), or an e-mail at Happy Sailing

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