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Originally Posted by Darcy
I've used it and find it to be a nice, quiet place to relax without any children around (although on our last cruise some kids did come up there as the door wasn't manned by any staff member). While the sign says no cameras, I've seen people up there with them. Be prepared for the lookers. They do come up to walk through and get a peek. I haven't seen anyone blatently staring with their mouths hanging open, but there are those who do come up just to get a look. If it really bothers you I wouldn't go topless. Personally, I could care less. If some guys biggest thrill in life is to go up on the topless deck to look, he has a pretty sad life.
People are going to look, both men and women. Its only natural to take a peek. Everyones got nipz so it shoudlnt really be a big deal.
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