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whoa there! you are overdoing it. Choose ONE remedy and one remedy only. Do not mix remedies.
Point to ponder: do you or your kids get motion sickness when they fly or ride in the car? If not then chances are you will need Nothing on your cruise. The ships have wonderful stabalizers, they ride very smooth, and kids are pretty tough.
If you or your kids get the mild queezies when you fly or ride then choose either the Wristband, Bonine or Ginger.
I have had great success with using Ginger. I will sip on a glass of ginger-ale at sail away and at dinner the first night - just make sure that your soda contains real ginger and not just flavor. Kids love gingersnap type cookies, its a snack and a preventative at the same time.
I do pack the Bonine just in case, only as a back-up. IF you decide to use the Bonine, take it at home before you cruise to see what if any side-effects it might have.
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