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Originally Posted by Sailing gal
Will, The salt water mist doesn't affect your "pute"? Guess not or you would have mentioned it.
These posts are making me long to be on the balcony of a cruise ship. I have that relaxed feeling just thinking about it.

Karen in 11 cruises Ihave done 2 balconies. I have 2 more cruises booked and both with balconies-so I do love balconies-but price comes into it.

I know I read a post once from a woman who said she would have nothing but a balcony and so she only cruises every other year-if I had to wait 2 years to do a cruise to have a balcony I would NOT.

I also read a post of this guy who went on an older ship and booked a suite so he could have a balcony and then GRIPED that he spent too much money on an old ship. He had spent $1500 a person when he could have booked an oceanview for $350 a person. I told him that should have told him something-because he would be eating in the same diningroom watching the same shows and swimming in the same pool as the guy who spent $250 for an inside cabin.

I may love balconies but I will cruise in other rooms. Last year I was able to cruise twice because I was willing to book an inside cabin and an obstructed oceanview.

this year and next year I will only cruise once but I will have a balcony cabin.

So my point is- do what you can afford to do and have a good time. and ofcourse at least once if you can- try a balcony-but if you can't afford that every cruise-you can still have a wonderful time.
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