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Do you know there are no Red Lobsters in N.E..although you just might find one in R.I....there is a story about a press opening in N.H. and the owner asked one of the reviewers what it thought of it...the story goes that his comment on the food was so terrible that the restaurant never opened to the Portland.. great walking place.. too..there is a L.L. Bean on the Main Street and I think you may need a cab to get to the City Market.. where you can have lo bster sandwiches made and sit at a table.. it is an actual city market.. and many Maine products are sold the famous Stonewall Kitchen products and see if you can find The Jelley Maker's Daughter.. her old fashioned pepper jelly... The Old Port is a great place for walking around and trying all the ales.. i can't imagine having a bad lobster in Maine.. Don't know much about's a big city...and there is a fort there, but that's about all I know.. it wouldn't be a "must" on my list.
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