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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
Appreciated, but sorry my life expands further than "just being on a ship".

If thats anyones thing fine..... me I would rather save up and enjoy the vacation my way. And that is not in an inside cabin or taking any ship available simply because as it's a cheap vacation and a chance to cruise.

A lot of confused people out there when it comes to understanding, one persons cruise experience against their's and personal expectation of not only the vacation, but the money people spend to do it.

Put it this way. I could sail on Carnival at least 4 times a year, I dont...why?

Because I would rather save up my money and go on something that I as a person will enjoy.. Crusing is one industry, but its people are so varied as are the options and value for money. I pick mine carefullly as there is more of a chance they will think like me
but that is you. I have been on 6 differant lines and the last line I cruised was Celebrity, an older ship, that had no balconies even in the suites-but you know the service was wonderful, it was a fairly small ship, so no congestion, the food was better in the main dinningroom then the pay extra restuarants on other lines. I found I did not miss not having a balcony at all.

but you are right-everyone has to make their own choices-what makes one happy does not make another happy. really this is only opinions here anyway.

Bye the way I guess I could cruise Carnival every month if I picked the cheapest ship- that is NOT what I meant. I was just telling the one person who felt bad that she had not had a balcony that she could still have a good time.
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