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My options are the alternative restaurants at $20 per pp, the buffet, deli, pizza or room service. My original post is to the comment that if I do not want to dress formal I should choose an alternate venue. The alternate choices are not to my liking. I do not wish to switch too a "free style" line because I am a repeat guest and want to take advantage of those perks. So that leaves me with one choice go to the dining room dressed as we wish which is clean, comfortable and stylish but not how a few of you prefer.

Okay, let's go back basic principles of social etiquette.

>> 1. It is the prerogative of the host (your cruise line) to precribe the proper attire for all events on board.

>> 2. It is the responsibility of all participants to conform to the prescribed attire.

If you don't wish to wear the attire prescribed by one cruise line, you should book on a different line. It is rude to show up for dinner in the dining room in anything other than the prescribed evening attire.

BTW, the prescribed evening dress standards generally also apply to specialty restraurants. Thus, it's unlikely that going to a specialty restaurant on each formal evening would solve the problem.

We do not go to the dining room every night. If we are in port later than 4pm we usually try a local restaurant to sample the local cuisine. I enjoy table service on the ship. I enjoy meeting the staff. I just do not enjoy the hassle that goes with dressing and PACKING for what some consider the only exceptable clothes for formal. As I said before at one time we dressed the so called exceptable formal. It got boring and a hassle. Our cruises have been 100% more enjoyable without the packing hassle.

Such boorish behavior is totally inexcusable.

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