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Thank you Paul B. Your comments are always polite no matter which side you are on. The Rev and I will never agree. I think it is a stretch to point out that the cruise line is my host when I have bought and paid for her. If that is the case my "HOST" really does not care what kind of pants my husband takes his wallet out of. They will gladly except his $$$ from whatever trousers he is wearing.To those of you who have cruised in a time when the lines had more formality I am sorry that things have changed for you. We started cruising 5 years ago. The mass market line is all that we are familiar with. I know you want the lines to start enforcing the "suggested " attire, but they will not. The bottom line is you will have to spend more money to get away from us.
Rev, we would never get along. Put us both at the same table either dressed to the nines or in rags I am sure I would be asking to move at the end of the first dinner. Your profile says Massachusetts.. so does mine. Let me guess North Shore ? That would explain our differences.
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