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Originally Posted by CWolsten
I think it is a stretch to point out that the cruise line is my host when I have bought and paid for her. If that is the case my "HOST" really does not care what kind of pants my husband takes his wallet out of. They will gladly except his $$$ from whatever trousers he is wearing.
There are some cruise lines that are really trying to enforce the evening dress code. As I stated on another thread, they have posted the evenings dress code in their news daily and near the menu that is posted in front of the main dining. They also send a reminder in your cruise packet with your tickets that there are DRESS CODES. In the guest book in your cabin, they AGAIN remind you that the dress code will be enforced. If you know all this before...WHY BOOK YOUR CRUISE ON THAT CRUISE LINE?

I paid good money to belong to a Gym. Even though I paid my money to join this Gym...they enforce a dress code...NO street clothes allowed in the excercise rooms. How can they do that? I paid! It's my Gym...I should be allowed to excercise in what ever I choose. NOT! They set the standards and I joined knowing them. I can't later decide I don't want to follow the contract.

Same with the cruise lines. When you sign for your tickets you are in effect signing a contract. Later, you want to pick and choose what you will honor or not, after all, its only a flimsy, not to be taken seriously, silly, my option or not contract. Now...If and when the cruise line decides to do that, for example, missing a Port or changing a Port schedule...all of a sudden that SAME Contract becomes the Holy Grail!

You gotta play fair...
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