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My understanding is that you can just show up at the train station. We are going in early and renting the car. The cost for 4 of us to take the train will almost cover the rental - plus we are going to Seward. The train leaves at 10:00. Here is their website -

We are staying at Comfort Inn Ship Creek. Originally I choose it because all the hotel reviews have been very good. They have a shuttle from the airport and provide transport to some other local places - including the train station. My understanding though is the train station is walkable from the hotel - luggage not withstanding.

Haven't fish yet. Once it gets closer and we decide how many days we are going to spend in Seward then we will decide on fishing there or in Ketchikan. I have read the fishing in Ketchikan is wonderful. There was something else about Seward. If I remember correctly the fish run closer to the city before or after we are there - meaning you spend alot more time getting to the fish the week we are there. You may want to check out some of the Seward websites.

Are you military? The reason I ask is Carnival offers a military rate (includes vets with 2 years honorable service) - plus if you decide to go to Seward they have a military resort there (ID holder only). You can only book it a year out.

There is company that provides transport from the airport - Limojet Gold Website shows fee to be $47.00 CAD - but I think you can take up to 6 (maybe 8) for the one price. So if you are traveling with others or you meet someone on the ship you could share.

If you are flying out right after the cruiseline offers a service called US Direct - - it allows you to skip the lines and get through customs quicker. I saw the fees somewhere but can't seem to find the link.

I will start booking hotels, car and excursions next month.

Have you sailed Carnival before? This will be our 6th with them.

I have a yahoo group (private to keep out spammers). There is lots of helpful links and files on it - and it has a message board also. Just go to - - and click the Join button. Or you can email me directly - my email is in my profile.
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