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Not too worried about the clothes, but I do have a question. Even though it is summer time, do you wear fall and winter clothes up there? Or do you bring your brightly colored summer stuff and just layer.
I realize when you cruise to the islands, it's mostly bathing suits and flip flops.
I would think a crisp white shirt and docker type pants would be fine for the dining room.
We are on the Sun Princess on July 16th.

In the inside passage, expect daytime temperatures in the 60's and a couple days of rain. Skagway tends to be warmer (upper 70's) and sunny.

Around glaciers, expect water temperatures at 32 degrees (yes, the bays are full of ice from the calving of the glaciers!) and air temperatures around 40 degrees.

In Anchorage, expect air temperatures in the upper 70's or lower 80's.

And in Vancouver, expect temperatures around 30 degrees... Celsius, that is.

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