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Thanks for all the info and the congrats. We are very proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary..........alot of "doubting Thomas'" were around when we got married. We were young (I was two weeks out of high school), but we were in love and knew we had both found our 'soul-mates'. After three years we had our first child and the second followed soon after. We have spent the last 21 years raising our kids and providing them with every advantage we could and now we feel it is time to treat ourselves. Our youngest has just left for college, so our vow renewal is a way to congratulate each other on making it through........together. We are both anxious for this day to come.......I have heard that the captain sometimes performs the service, which I think would be quite memorable. The other great thing, my best girlfriend ( we have been friends for thirty years) and her husband are making the trip with us and will be our witnesses.............I can't wait! Oh, and CA Cruiser........would love for my hubby to suprise me with a new ring! How can I bring that up subtly in dinner conversation?? :-)
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