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Have you thought about taking a Greyhound, Trailways or other bus line from your area to NYC Port of Authority? It's only a few blocks to the pier from the bus terminal - or commuter train (if available) like Metro north or Amtrak? Parking at the pier will cost approx. $180/wk and it's rooftop in the sun all week - NYC weather expected to be in the mid-hi 80's all next week (ugh!!!)

If intent on driving, don't obsess with anxiety over the trip; most of it will be on interstate and state highways; the only crazy time is getting to midtown and the pier where trucks and taxi cabs rule the roads! There are traffic control signals at almost every intersection so no one can drive very fast - they do however love to weave around cut in front of whoever is ahead of them only to end up at the next red light anyway!!! Hold your ground and make sure your navigator (passenger) directs you where and when to make your turns - there is NO RIGHT TURN ON RED in NYC and do not attempt to cross an intersection if you cannot clear the pedestrian walkway on the other side - its against the law and fines are stiff! If pulled over or stopped by law/traffic enforcement agents, you could possibly be detained and miss boarding. Once at the pier parking area your car is subject to security checks by guards and dogs (sniffing for dangerous substances in vehicles that could compromise the port area) - once inside the terminal all I can say is the earlier you arrive the quicker you will embark and begin your trip to paradise! Make sure you have detailed maps and precise routes planned for your drive; do not trust Mapquest, etc. - the directions are far too general in nature with few alternate routes if you run into traffic jams or closures due to accidents etc. Try websites that can assist your trip in more than one way.

Whichever you choose - you will love your cruise - happy sailing and safe trip!
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