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I don't really understand what everyone means by 'ball gowns'...isn't that sorta an old fashion term?

If you look at the Emmy's or Oscar's on T.V...some of the actresses dress beautifully... Most of those lovely dresses, while very formal, would NOT be considered a 'ball gown'.

On the Infinity...we saw a young woman dressed in a beautiful black dress...stunning....lovely jewerly. She was NOT wearing a 'ball gown', but there was no question that she was formally dressed. Her manner and style spoke elegants.

Later, we saw others in her group who were equally beautifully dressed ...but again no 'ball gowns'. (again...what does that mean?!)

There are so many beautiful easy to pack choices now days. Every travel catalog offers some sort of elegant evening wear, thats a breeze to wear and pack.

Maybe, most of us on this thread mean the same thing but we're stuck on semantics! Like the word, 'ball grown' or prom dress. (BTW: have any of you REALLY taken a look at what is considered a 'prom dresses lately?!'.)

I really think what was written as hyperbole, (to wear your prom dress) is being taken way to seriously!

IF ANY of the ladies on this board can still get into her prom gosh...WEAR IT with pride!!
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