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Default Why aren't the cruise lines building smaller ships?

I am not a fan of today’s big super mega cruise ships. My wife started cruising back in 1995 and loved the size of the ships that were sailing back then. Traveling in ships between fifty and eighty thousand tons was great. You had the opportunity to bump into friends and talk to the ships staff. Today theses mega ships are like going to the mall on a rainy Saturday. They are jammed pack full of people pushing and shoving. Getting on and off during island stops in like trying to get through a busy check out at the supermarket. My wife and I traveled on the MS. Mercury back in 2003 and loved her. It was a January cruise and the ship was perhaps sixty percent full. We met a lot of nice people and got to know them pretty well. If I could compare my cruise on the Explorer of the Seas I would say it was like a 24 hour party cattle car. All I saw was a lot of drunken teens running all over and playing on the elevators. Also I am not into skating, rock climbing and wave jumping. They seem like a good idea but it's not for me. I just want comfort, peace, good conversation and food when I travel. Where can I find it?
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