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Originally Posted by CWolsten
Disagree Fieldmouse, More important than representing the cruise line these forums represent your fellow passengers. The people you will be sitting next to, socializing with etc. That includes their opinions. Prior to my first cruise I did discuss things with my TA, but I found the info on these boards more helpful. I could get answers, ideas etc in a few minuets roaming these pages than sitting with my TA for an hour. I know this particular board is for expressing opinions more than exchanging information, however I have to agree with Cruisecrazie that the flavor of these forums have soured since I first started reading them.
Appreciate your comments, and I too have gotten some wonderful tips about cruising from these threads. The different comments about cruise lines have overall been very helpful.

If there has been one or two negative comments about a particular ship or service, I try to weight them out with other passenger's experiences before coming to any final conclusions.

In viewing these forums...perhaps you've noticed, as I have, that a lot more of the public view than post. There's no way of really knowing how those who don't post responses feel about a subject. The only thing we can be sure of is, certain subjects generate a lot more hits! E.g. Any thread dealing with dress codes!

As for the formal and informal dress code thing. The cruise travel books, and the speciality packing books, (I've found two) in chapters, 'Packing for a cruise', all clearly outline what the cruise lines dress code is. The ONLY place where I have read different is in the relatively few post on these threads which have encouraged, the 'dress as you want'.

But, no where have I read from the cruise lines; cruise travel books; or speciality packing books where you HAD to wear a ballgown or MUST wear a Tuxedo.

For example in my Celebrity ticket packet...under 'Formal nights' says, 'You'll want to be seen in':

Cocktail dresses or long gowns (easy to pack, their not ball gowns )
Dinner jackets and dark suits OR (I added the 'OR')

Holland America and RCCI are the same.

It's not a big deal...easy, easy...not hard, not complicated. Certainly not something that would cause me to change my travel plans because I couldn't manage to throw in one or two of those light weight non-wrinkled travel gowns, with a scarf and some quick jewerly.

If you are going to spend the money on a cruise...why not approch it with a positive attitude, enjoying ALL events that make cruising a special vacation.

We've been on 6 cruises hasn't been a big deal...Am I missing something?
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