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Default a '' thow-in '' OT post

hi all of you. i just thought i would set down for a moment and say good saturday and find out what is going on here on the boards.

thank heaven i have today off. i am frantic in getting ready for my brother from arizona too come and stay with me for a week on monday ( i am the oldest of 7 ). our family is having a wonderful military wedding on the 24th. my sisters son is in the marines and based in japan, he is uniting with a fantastic young lady next saturday. so all of my brothers/sisters, neices and nephews from all over the u.s. are coming here for the wedding and a good ole family reunion. also my mothers birthday is on the 24th, it is going to be a fantastic and fun time but very busy. and too top it off my nephew who is getting married will be congratulating his younger brother for graduating from the marines last week. he is home also on leave and we are having a cook-out open house for him tomorro at my sisters. i feel like i am a chicken with my head cut off doing all my cleaning, cooking ( i actually have to cook food ) for the food-feeds and shopping for things. oh i forgot, i will also be going to the airport at different times to help pick up family members . i have taken this week off so i can enjoy everybody being here. do you think with all this running around i will loose some weight ?? . after all this is over i can concentrate on what i am going to put in the suitcase for the cruise in sept. it will be a great way to relax after the busy summer events.

thanks everybody for letting me '' vent '' about all my things i am in the middle of. it will all be worth it too have everyone here and give my nephew and his new bride a wonderful time while he is home on leave. we all took a vote and decided we would let them have one day alone hahaha. just kidding they are going to go to new york and try to find an apartment for themselfs for when he gets out of the marines in 7 months.

have to go now. later and have a good day.
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