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Bonjour Eric et Martin

We are Ron and Jon from the Kingston area of Ontario. Ron retired early and has been so for 17 years (un homme d'un certain âge...) Jon retired but then decided to create his own business so we can now consider him semi retired. He is Ron's junior by 12 years. We have been together for 32 years and are registered as same sex partners but have not (as yet) walked the isle. We have been blue water cruising for the past 12 years and have covered China and the far east, the Baltic states and Russia, the U.K. ports of call and crossed the Atlantic via Iceland and Greenland. We also sailed from Florida through the Panama to California and most recently crossed the Pacific from Sydney to Vancouver B.C. via Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii. We do not foresee an Alaska cruise in our lives as that would be like carting coals to Newcastle... We have sailed on one all gay cruise and will not do so again. But we are now looking at a cruise with a fair sized gay group aboard for a more balanced inclusion. Long range we have our sights on South America and if life permits, Africa.

Your must remember Eric and Martin, we Canadians are much freeer to state our personal life details here, as our country does not discriminate as others do.
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