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(Regarding meaning of "Sunday type dress-up" as used in your earlier post) To me it is my mom's definition...only the very best, because you are going to God's house. She also explained to me that "your very best" is different for everyone based on what life had given them. She would have locked me in my room if I had even thought to go to Church in ratty anything.


I'm still not quite sure what to say because true formalwear (dinner jacket, formal gown, etc.) is proper only in the evening, so it really is not what one would wear to church. OTOH, the clothes that you wear if you really do dress up for church as you describe probably would fall within the modified dtandards of formal that prevail on cruise ships.

Then we can also go in the direction of if you can afford the cruise you should wear the appropriate clothing.

I actually would have said it the other way around -- those who cannot afford the prescribed attire cannot afford the cruise, either -- but we're getting to the same bottom line.

Personally I love to go very formal on formal night. We leave Saturday and the formals are already pressed and packed for both my daughter and I. Now hubby had to take the suit, black very classy, in to be altered, so that is still on the to-do list to be picked up.

Yes, there's something really special about the abmaince of a formal evening. My white dinner jacket is at the ready!

Cruise on!

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