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RWJeepers, while you are waiting on your Westerdam cruise, would be interested in taking a short one or three day Pacific Coastal cruise leaving from Seattle or Vancouver on Princess in September?

There are three cruises, one which is a one day and two of which are three day. (The Dawn Princess, the Coral Princess, and the Island Princess). The one day begins in Seattle and ends in Vancouver. The three day cruises begin in Seattle or Vancouver and end in LA. Since you live in Oregon, this seems like a great option for you to get a cruise "taster" before you big 7 day cruise. Since these are considered repositioning cruises, there is very good pricing.

I posted about these short coastal cruises in a separate thread too, as I am interested in these sailings as well as sailings out of Galveston to which I responded above.

So please let me know if you are interested in one or more of these cruises. I'll be glad to provide you information about the dates and other specifics.
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