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If you do...the cruises line will take it and hold it until you disembark.

Once for our wedding anniversary...we took a small bottle of's a very special type of wine, no sulfites (I'm allergic)...Anyway, they held it, then on the night on the night of our anniversary, we had it in our cabin.

Now, if we had wanted it served at dinner...there would have been a corkage fee...I think it's $15.00 now.

Beer is another story...I think they're going to hold it no matter what the reason.

Drinks are so cheap on the ship...very much like what you would find in Port...and every night they have various drink specials, etc. I'd say leave it at home, its not worth the hassle or worry.

BTW: We do bring bottles of our own water and our own coffee! (We like Star Bucks and can't stand the ships coffee in the buffet)...No problem. And I've seen others bring their own can soda...but not alcohol...that's different.
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