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We read about what great deals people on the Boards got from Princeline for downtown hotels so tried it. I had to book three rooms, and thought that a wonderful hotel near the port for a cheap price would be great.

So I bid what was posted for a downtown hotel, but the first bid wasn't picked up by any hotel so I had to bid higher. Trouble was that the area that Priceline calls downtown is widespread, especially when it rains. (Our cruise departed Vancouver May 27 and we spent two days in the city before that.)

We ended up at the Sandman, about 20 blocks from Canada Place, in three of the teeniest rooms I've ever seen. All three were either by the elevator or adjacent to the stairs, and the ones near the stairs were by far the worst; the three elevators that served the 17 floors rarely ran so people used the stairs a lot--and were quite noisy returning in the wee hours. The Sandman did have standard sized rooms, but the Priceline people got the dregs.

If I had to do again, I'd use the discounted, prepaid Anything before using Priceline. If a convention or something takes up the good rooms, you get what's left over, of course.

I know that others have had great success with Priceline, and that's why I was tempted again. I've only used Priceline twice, and didn't have what I consider a good experience either time. That's my last bid there.

May you have fair winds and following seas,

Mike & Charlotte
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