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I can't have any sulfites because of severe I thought my wine days were over. BUT there are a few wineries, and the number is growing, that produce wine without added sulfites.

The labels that I know and have tasted are:

1. Badger mountain (they have a wonderful Ports and white wine)
2. LaRocca Vineyard (white, reds, and Cabs)
3. Honeyrun (reds, and wines that are a little sweeter)
4. Fray? (easist to find)

There are at least 2-3 MORE lables...I just can't think of them right now. All have on their labels 'NO ADDED SULFITES'

DON'T BE FOOLED because a lable says 'Organic'...this has nothing to do with adding or not adding sulfites. I learned the hard way!!!

Trader Joe's carries some organic wines...these wines HAVE SULFITES!

'Whole foods' has a great section with non-sulfite wines...or you can order directly from LaRocca Vineyards, which I have done...they have a neat website. Sometimes your local Health food co-op will have a small section dedicated to organic AND wine with no sulfites. Just remember that NO SULFITES has to be on the label.

The wines are good to excellent and the prices very reasonable.

BTW: My husband has begun to notice that he sometimes gets a nasty headache after drinking some wines...It has to do with the amount of sulfites added by the winery to stop the fermentation process. Some lables use a lot!

Hope this helps!
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