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Default Packing Made Simple


The question of what to bring on a cruise keeps surfacing so it's time to put it where it's easy to find.

Here's my packing list for 14 nights aboard a Celebrity ship (3 formal evenings, 4 informal evenings, and 7 casual evenings) in a warm destination and an adaptation for ladies. Here are easy adaptations.

>> For seven-night cruises, cut everything in half, rounding fractions up. For cruises of other durations, adjust the quantities of "15" to one more than the number of nights of the cruise and the quantities of formal and informal clothing to correspond to the number of such evenings scheduled by the line.

>> For a cruise on a line that does not hold "informal" evenings, delete the items specific to "informal" evenings.

>> For a cruise to Alaska, add another sweatshirt and a winter jacket, hat, and gloves to each list.

>> For a cruise within Europe, reduce the shorts to one or two pairs for wear on days at sea. Also, for ladies, ensure that skirts for daytime wear extend below the knee and that tops for daytime wear (1) fully cover the shoulders and (2) are long enough to stay tucked into the waistbands of the skirts or slacks.

You also may want to modify my lists according to your own plans for activities, both aboard ship and ashore.

>> I did not include athletic clothing on the lists because i use the pool rather than the gym. If you plan to use the gym, you'll need to add suitable attire for your workouts.

>> I also did not include specialized clothing or equipment for activities ashore. If you are planning any hiking or diving trips, you'll need to add whatever you want to bring for those activities to the list. If you are planning to play golf, you'll want to bring your golf shoes even if you plan to rent clubs.

>> You may wish to replace my "bible and prayer book" with equivalent resources of your faith.

Okay, on to the list.


Wear to Ship:

* Polo or Golf Shirt
* Undershorts
* Pair of Slacks
* Belt
* Pair of Socks
* Pair of Dress Shoes (get polished at airport en route)


* 15 Polo (or Golf) Shirts
* 15 Pairs of Undershorts
* 3 Pairs of Slacks
* 4 Pairs of "Dress" Shorts
* 15 Pairs of Socks
* 20-25 Handkerchiefs
* 1 Pair of Dress Shoes (Well Polished)
* 1 Pair of Moccasins (with Rubber Soles) or Sandals
* 1 Pair of Flip-Flops
* 2 "Hawai'ian" or "Island" Shirts
* 1 Waterproof Windbreaker
* 1 Sweater or Sweatshirt
* 2 Swimsuits
* 1 Baseball Cap, Sun Hat, or Visor
* 1 Sport Coat
* 4 Dress Shirts
* 4 Neckties
* 1 Dinner Jacket
* 1 Pair Formal Evening Pants
* 3 Formal Dress Shirts, Pleated, with French Cuffs
* 2 Cummerbunds with Matching Bow Ties
* 1 Formal Vest with Matching Bow Tie
* 2 Launtry Bags
* Toiletry Kit
* Electric Razor
* APS Camera and Film
* 16-Day Supply of Medicines
* Bible and Prayer Book
* Tickets (Cruise and Airline)
* Passport


Wear to Ship:

* "Bra Top" or Leotard
* Panties
* Skirt or Pair of Slacks
* Stockings or Panty Hose, if Desired
* Pair of Pumps


* 15 "Bra Tops" or Leotards
* 15 Pairs of Panties
* 3 Skirts or Pairs of Slacks
* 4 Pairs of Dress Shorts
* 20-25 Handkerchiefs
* 1 Pair of Evening Dress Shoes
* 1 Pair of Moccasins (with Rubber Soles) or Sandals
* 1 Pair of Flip-Flops
* 2 "Hawai'ian" or "Island" Dresses
* 1 Waterproof Windbreaker
* 1 Sweater or Sweatshirt
* 1 Sun Hat or Visor
* 2 Swimsuits with Wrap Cover-Ups
* 1 Evening Dress with 3 Sets of Accessories
* 3 Bras to Wear with Evening Dress, if Required
* 2 Cocktail Dresses with 4 Sets of Accessories (2 for each dress)
* 4 Bras to Wear with Cocktail Dress, if Required
* 2 Evening Handbags
* 1 Evening Shawl, in case the dining room or the showroom is chilly
* Stockings or Pantyhose for Eveningwear, as Desired
* 2 Launtry Bags
* 4 or 5 Sets of Casual Jewelry
* Toiletry Kit
* Cosmetics
* Electric Razor, if desired
* APS Camera and Film
* 16-Day Supply of Medicines
* Bible and Prayer Book
* Tickets (Cruise and Airline)
* Passport

The pumps would certainly be suitable for wear on casual evenings so you can save the evening dress shoes for the formal and informal evenings.

These lists actually provide one extra change of clothes in case of a mishap or a broken connection forcing an extra overnight stay en route home. My basic strategy is to shower at the end of the daytime activities, before dinner. On "casual" evenings, I'll don clean undershorts, a clean polo shirt, and slacks. The next morning, I'll don the same undershorts and shirt with a pair of shorts for the day's activiities. On the evenings of the tropical deck parties, I'll don a Hawai'ian shirt then don a clean polo shirt the next morning. Likewise, on "formal" and "informal" evenings , I'll wear the respective outfit and don a clean polo shirt the next morning. A similar regimen works for ladies.

Now, there is one additional trick. Choose clothes that won't wrinkle (or at least that won't hold wrinkles) and that will pack compactly. Here are a couple examples.

>> A "speedo" swimsuit (gents) or a "bikini" swimsuit with a triangle top (ladies) generally fold much more compactly than other styles of swimsuits. Nylon/lycra swimsuits also fold more compactly than other materials, and they have the additional advantage of drying quickly so two are enough.

>> Some styles of underwear fold a lot more compactly than others, and it really does not matter what style of underwear you choose because your spouse is the only passenger who will see you in it. For men, "Eurobriefs" or "fashion" bikinis generally take about half the space of standard American "tighty whities" or boxers. For women, bikini or thong styles generally fold more compactly than full panties. You choice of underwear also can lighten your luggage by several pounds.

>> Fold your clothes neatly. Back when I was a naval officer, a sailor once told men that the "only" thing that he learned in boot camp was to fold his clothes in "equal thirds" each way. Our sailors have very limited locker space aboard naval ships so I figured that there must be a "madness to the method" if they put that much emphasis on folding clothes "just so" in boot camp. Thus, I decided to try folding clothes into "equal thirds" (sides in first, then bottom, then top, starting witth the front of the garment down) for everything that does not have creases. Sure enough, the garments came out considerably more compactly than when folded in the manner that my mother had taught me to fold them.

Have a great cruise!

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