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I agree that Celebrity and Carnival are different, but I have concerns that some posts suggest that they are and that true formal wear is a necessity. You said you are merely trying to get people to make choices that will make them more comfortable. I think that the folks who are least likely to conform to the dress code really aren't the slightest bit uncomfortable. They don't care and I don't think that anyone will ever be able to change them. They are not going to change cruise lines or dress.

You're missing the point that Celebrity's dress standards, as published aboard ship, now say that formalwear is required in the dining room and the show on formal evenings, and that some ships are enforcing it very aggressively. Those who do not conform are being turned away.

My concern is for all of the truly nice people who simply don't own formal wear. Now, I live in Florida, which is so hot and has so many tourists that you can go almost anywhere dressed extremely casually. I'm not applauding that, but the unspoken dress code here is different than it is up north.

Yes, I understand that many people do not own formalwear -- but gents can either rent formalwear or substitute a dark business suit and I suspect that most ladies do own a nice cocktail dress for wear to weddings, etc., that would be acceptable -- even where you live in Florida.

I do think that people who don't want to conform to Celebrity's standards of dress will be more comfortable on another line.

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